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Capitol Shooting Seems a little Sketch

Looking intently into the January 6 incident I conclude that the Insurrection was a set up! I remember when it was be planned. Thousands of Patriots Americans was warning us not to attend. At the time they made the claim something was going to happen that will set up the right leaning American for the worst. Looking at the January 6 footage posted from media as well as citizens and pairing that with the J6 hearing… Something ain’t adding up! Why does all of this seem fake and rehearsed…. Oh because it was! I have a feeling that Babbit acted out her part so well she will make a return in the next planned out tragedy. Check out this video below who came to the same conclusion I did.

*** UPDATE ON APRIL 7, 2021 DC Medical Examiner Releases Causes of Death ***

The DC Medical Examiner today released the causes of death in US Capitol “Insurrection” but not yet for Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. No investigations have been released or facts given about what the DC Medical Examiner is calling the “homicide” of Ashli Bobbitt – who was unarmed – they still have not even released the name of the officer who fatally shot her in the neck at close range.

Four of the five who died were Trump supporters. Two died of heart attack, one of amphetamine poisoning and one from homicide – Ashli Babbitt. All except for Babbitt’s deaths were ruled “natural” or “accident”.

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