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Abortions aren’t Racist: Material Mortality Facts

The claim is that Abortions save lives because black women have higher maternal mortality rates, caused by racism. Stop Playing (Source: TheGuardian)

Here is the truth! Maternal mortality is higher among black females (Source: CDC). According to the stats 2.5x rate of white women vs. 3.5x rate of Hispanic women. What they aren’t saying is why! There are several comorbidities related to maternal mortality and more often black women suffer from them. (Sources: AIMJAMAPHAPubMedJAHA)

  • Heart Disease/Failure: 2x white women
  • Hypertension: 1.67x white
  • Hematologic disorder: 4x white

These things happen as a result of: 

  • Genetics (things like anemia) 
  • Poor health choices
  • Abortions isn’t the solution to saving these women.


First they need to deal with these issues outside of abortion but they don’t so they really can’t say they care!

  • Maternal Mortality
    • CALIFORNIA cut the maternal mortality rate in half. (Source:: NPR)
  • Non-Marriued Pregnancies
    • 70% of black children are born outside of wedlock. (Source: Brookings)
    • 50% Hispanic. (Source: Brookings)

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